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European Mastitis Panel

Veterinary science rapidly developed in recent years, allowing us to better understand mastitis in dairy cattle.

In developed countries, mastitis is the most costly disease on a dairy farm.

The goal of the European Mastitis Panel is to create an independent, knowledgeable discussion platform that exchanges mastitis related information between European countries. At annual EMP meetings European mastitis researchers, field practitioners and others related to the field of mastitis are invited to share their views and opinions.

Latest News

9th EMP meeting in Azores, Portugal

Veterinary milk quality experts united at 9th annual European Mastitis Panel meeting to discuss udder health and dairy industry challenges. Read more...

EMP meetings

2016 (Portugal) 2012 (UK) 2011 (Italy)
2010 (France) 2009 (Germany) 2008 (The Netherlands)

EMP members

Biggs, Andrew UK The Vale Veterinary Group
Bradley, Andrew UK QMMS, Nottingham University
De Vliegher, Sarne Belgium University of Gent
Herrera, Demetrio Spain Qllet
Hoedemaker, Martina Germany University of Hannover
Huber-Schlenstedt, Reglindis Germany Bavarian Animal Health service
Katholm, Jørgen Denmark DNA Diagnostic
Kovács, Péter Hungary Szent István University
Kromker, Volker Germany University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover
Labbé, Jean Francois France SNGTV
Lam, Theo Netherlands GD Animal Health
Landin, Hakan DVM Swedish Dairy Associaton
Moroni, Paolo Italy University of Milan
Nuijten, Piet Netherlands MSD, R&D, Netherlands
Pinho, Luís Portugal SVAExpleite, Ldª
Serieys, Francis Consultant Filiere Blanche, France
Smulski, Sebastian Poland Vetlab
Supré, Karlien Belgium MCC Vlaanderen
Swinkels, Jantijn Netherlands MSD, Global Ruminants, Netherlands
Testa, Francesco Italy Private practice
Wolter, Wilfried Germany RP Gießen

Participants at the 9th EMP meeting in Azores, Portugal

Participants at the 9th EMP meeting in Azores, Portugal

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